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5G Internet for San Antonio?

I recently read a news article on the upcoming roll-out of 5G Internet for the San Antonio area. I happened to tweet out the article with one tiny quote:

While 5G Data is really awesome and will be instrumental in the future of technology for many things (autonomous vehicles anybody?), that stat really blew me away. One in four San Antonio homes, or 25%, lack Internet. Here is a more detailed list:


If these areas have such a high percentage of households without Internet access, how can we begin to expand online learning in not only these areas, but rural areas as well?

I had a conversation with someone the other day talking about this very problem, and I pointed out that it’s not just a matter of if the Internet is available (such as in rural areas), but if an individual can afford the Internet. While there are hopes that 5G Internet can provide a new way for people to connect, I have to wonder what the price point will be and whether we will still have a gap in our metro areas.

What do you think? Is 5G a solution? Or will we continue to have an issue?

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